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May 2019 BTD Committee Meeting:

Please join us for the next BTD meeting on May 21st at 5PM.  The BTD committee has hired a project manager to help with the process.  She comes to us with very valuable experience having just guided Arco Iris Charter through their expansion.  She will join us at this meeting.  The committee has been investigating a piece of vacant land on Jackson School Rd, just off of Evergreen Rd in Hillsboro (near Evergreen Christian Center).  Updates on the feasibility of this property will be given and discussion will focus on whether or not we are interested in pursuing this property further.  The committee has also been in discussion with local churches about a possible partnership, as well as with the city of Cornelius and Hillsboro School District.  Committee members will report on progress with these groups.  Members of the sub-committee focusing on the the capital campaign will be present and give a brief summary of activity, and bring any questions from their recent meeting for discussion.


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